What we have been up to...

The pandemic catapulted a minor choir event into a memorable one in that our dinner at Greetham Golf Club on March 15th 2020 subsequently proved to be the last time we all saw each other.

As the weeks progressed it became increasingly evident that all our plans for the year would come to nought - singing in the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court, singing a week of services at Truro Cathedral in the summer as well as concerts in Peterborough and Barnack.

Such a blow to a choir's morale might have been overwhelming were it not for valiant efforts by choir members to keep our spirits up. Foremost amongst these was our regular Newsletter to which so many members of the choir contributed with news of their activities, recommendations of pieces of music to listen to, photographs, drawings, humour and much else, and it is pleasing that it still continues. In addition there are regular chat meetings online, and also Zoom rehearsals/sing throughs. A summer and Christmas party online, though new territory for us, proved nevertheless to be highly successful.

Hopes are high that we will be able to sing as planned in Worcester Cathedral in May and Chichester Cathedral in October.

Rehearsals are now taking place on-line and all required measures are now in place for full choir in-person rehearsals to commence as soon as regulations allow.

Belgium 2017

RAF Wittering