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Chichester 2021

Worcester 2021

Chichester 2021
Great Casterton Church

Gt. Casterton 2023

What we have been up to...

The choir enjoyed a week in Truro Cathedral during the summer of 2023, singing services for the week. This included an Evensong at nearby St. John’s Church, a choir dinner one evening, and two free days when members were able to go sightseeing.  The Sunday Eucharist and Evensong were streamed live on YouTube.

Our remaining visits in 2023 included an Evensong in the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace in September and a weekend of services at Worcester Cathedral in October.  Other venues included Grimsthorpe Castle and Barnack Church.


Although we managed to remain intact during the dark days of lockdown, coincidental family moves have resulted in a shortage of singers in our Bass section - the first time this has ever happened to us, and we are endeavouring to rectify this. So if there are any Bass singers out there at a loose end at the moment……………?

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